Missourians to Ukraine for Historic Summit

The Future Leadership Foundation, a 14 year old non-profit headquartered in Jefferson City, is making history next week when hosting the European Summit of Baptist leaders from across Eastern Europe. The summit, in Lviv Ukraine at the Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary, will be the first time church leaders from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Poland and Continue Reading

New Leadership Announced at FLF

A new leadership team is in place at the Future Leadership Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the development of Christian leaders across the globe. The Foundation’s Board of Directors on April 6 unanimously selected Rev. Greg Morrow, Ph.D., as its next executive director. Rev. Morrow has served as the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer since 2014. Continue Reading

Update – December 17, 2015- Helping Leaders Get Better

For several years I have also worked for another great ministry, The Baptist Home. www.thebaptisthome.org  These days it is in the area of global missions, that is, advancing the cause of Christ through ministries that influence the life and work of the elderly outside the United States.  Do you know that by 2030, that’s about 14 years Continue Reading

Update November 17, 2016 – Being with the Staff

Other than being on the field with our national leaders, there is no other experience so invigorating to me than to be in the presence, even “remote presence,” of our staff and board.  At some moments it is a spiritual experience, a communion experience.  Our leadership team members are out there meeting the public on Continue Reading

September 23, 2015 Update

We at FLF always stand amazed at the great work of FLF around the world.  At our recent board meeting in early September, the board approved two staff-recommended projects in new places to our world–Pakistan in South Asia and Guinea on the African western coast. One of FLF’s three initiatives is to reach out and Continue Reading

June 23, 2015 Update

To all of our partners here and around the world, today is a reminder that “If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.”                       –David Viscott

June 5, 2015 Update

  The FLF board and staff are an incredible group of mature Christians,  wise and committed to this ministry’s vision.  Walking out of a lengthy staff meeting today , I am keenly aware of the gifts of these people to this ministry which now has a myriad of coaching partnerships on the table for 2015-2016.

May 28, 2015 Update

It is rare to sit in front of a person who has been through the fires of life hot enough to burn most of us beyond our ability to function. It’s been my privilege to do so the past few days with Ukrainian leader Elisey Pronin. Elisey and family were threatened with death so he Continue Reading

May 5 Update

It was my privilege last night to complete the fourth and final orientation with the four SBU students going to Belarus this summer. Our thanks to the Center for Global Connections, Diana Gallamore, director, for working with the partnership of The Baptist Home Foundation and Future Leadership Foundation. These students will be working at both Continue Reading

April 9-10 Update

Today concludes the two-day spring board meeting of the Future Leadership Foundation. It was one of the most future-focused and energetic meetings I have been a part of in some time. These outstanding and men and women, with brains and hearts serving Christ, understand the mission and vision of FLF.  I pray as God opens Continue Reading