2012 Projects

24-31 March – 2012

Church Coaching Event for Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia, MO
Queztaltenango, Guatemala

Team Leader and FLF Coach:
Verlyn Bergen, FLF Board Secretary

To work alongside two small and struggling congregations (El Esparanza and Lilly of the Valley) for encouragement, outreach, enlistment and evangelism. To accomplish this purpose the team was trained and prepared in two primary areas:
1. Health Team – dental & hygiene
2. Ministry Team – food distribution, outreach, enlistment and evangelism.

Coach, trip leader and FLF board member Verlyn Bergen:
1. Assisted Parkade Baptist Church in the enlistment and the qualifying of potential volunteers
2. Provided guidance, information, training, and support in preparation for the trip
3. Made all necessary travel and insurance arrangements as well as accompanied them on the journey
4. Guided the 14-member team in their training and preparation to meet ministry goals and purpose as requested by the indigenes congregations
5. Led the team in their daily ministry assignments in country
6. Provided evaluation materials and encouragement for future mission endeavors

14 members of Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia, MO

10-13 May – 2012

“Handbells for Estonia”
Tallinn, Estonia

Team Leader:John Jackson, FLF Associate Executive Director

Christine Anderson, Frazier, California, International Handbell Artist & Trainer
Estonian Coordinator: Igor Orekhov, Tallinn, Estonia – Music Ministry Coordinator, Estonian Baptist Union for Russian speaking congregations

1. To provide resources and training of Estonian national leadership to establish a handbell/handchime ministry among the Baptist churches of Estonia.
2. To train leaders in handbell/handchime ministry as a means of outreach and evangelism through the churches of Estonia.

A national leadership team was trained in handbell/handchime ministry techniques. This team ministered to 5 congregations at the end of Summer 2012. Over 100 children and youth received instruction in ringing choir chimes in the first of two weeks of summer camps following the May leader training. Outreach events have been planned for the 2012 Christmas season. Over $6000 worth of equipment and resources were donated to this ministry from churches, individuals and corporate organizations within the USA.

Music leaders and choir members from Estonian Russian speaking Baptist churches in Tallinn

23-29 September – 2012

“Moving Forward: The House of Mercy Committed to Securing Its Ministry”
House of Mercy Kobrin, Belarus

Jim Nelson, Director of Advancement, The Baptist Home
Roger Hatfield, Executive Director, Future Leadership Foundation

1. To bring key leaders of he House of Mercy staff to a commitment to the vision of the ministry
2. To bring key leaders of the House of Mercy staff to a commitment to financial security for that vision.
3. To bring key leaders of the House of Mercy to a strong advancement plan to secure the financial vision.

As a result of the training of the House of Mercy (Dom Miloserda) project with The Baptist Home, Inc., in Belarus:
1. The House of Mercy staff and trustees will move to an interdependent resource relationship with its partners. It will both receive resources as well as share resources (intellectual, material and physical, financial) with those with whom God brings into relationship for long-term care ministry.
2. The House of Mercy staff and trustees will focus on creating a responsible and adequate budget process with multiple income streams and expense management to insure a self-sustaining financial ministry.
3. The House of Mercy staff and trustees will engage in a strong advancement program under the coaching of The Baptist Home staff.

House of Mercy Staff

13-19 November – 2012

Church Music Academy (CMA) Leadership Training
Tallinn, Estonia

Team Leader:Alexander Kreshchuk, National Director of the Music Ministry for the AUA UECB

Pete Mullowney, Ft. Mill, South Carolina; Joe Privott, Ukrainian Partnership Group, St. Louis, MO; John Jackson, FLF Associate Executive Director

To partner with Ukrainian national music leaders, Music in World Cultures and the entire Eurasian Worship Alliance in the following areas of ministry:
1. To encourage the ongoing work of the music ministry of the AUA UECB through the Church Music Academy structure.
2. To provide Strategic Planning Training for Ukrainian national and regional music leaders of the AUA UECB.
3. To continue to build on the ongoing partnership relationship between the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (UBTS) and Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis, MO (MBU).
4. To support the first USA tour of the CMA Ukrainian Men’s Chorus

1. Provided two days of intensive strategic planning training
2. Facilitated three church concerts and two college/university concerts
3. Developed new relationships with students, faculty, and administration at MBU.

National music leaders from the All Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christians – Baptists (AUA UECB).