2015 Projects

29 May – 30 July, 2015

Student Service Ministry at Zhemchuzhinka and House of Mercy
Kobrin, Belarus

Diana Gallamore, Director, Center for Global Connections-Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri

To develop a partnership between Southwest Baptist University [SBU], The Baptist Home, and Future Leadership Foundation placing four university students on the Zhemchuzhinka campus in Kobrin, Belarus for two months to . . .
1. Enhance campus ministries with donated time and service from individuals who will experience growth in skills, knowledge, and passion for those whom they serve.
2. Build stronger and more globally focused SBU students whohave passionate interests in children and the elderly asone means of serving Christ.
3. Strengthen young adult, peer-to-peer cross cultural relationships in-country where they serve to be better prepared to live in a global world.
4. Build a collaborative relationship between SBU, especially the Center for Global Connections Department, The Baptist Home and Future Leadership Foundation.

(Note: This project involved two ministry programs—the children’s camp (usually known as Zhemchuzhinka (Little Children’s Health Center) and the eldercare ministry known as Dom Miloserda, or the House of Mercy). This ministry also engaged orphanage camps.

Those invited to participate:
Students enrolled at Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri.


Distance Learning Launch
Minsk Baptist Theological Seminary, Belarus
Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary, Lviv

(FLF & partners placed $10,500 in equipment/software over the past two yearsNationals installing hi-speed Internet to their campuses/maintenance feesFirst course in 2016: Christian Social Ministry: An Introduction)

First Course Faculty: Dr. Derrel Watkins, author/faculty from Baylor, Southwestern, and St. Paul School of Theology

1.To dramatically expand the number of academic course offerings
2.To increase the rapidity of trained leaders who have been underserved
3.To influence their higher education leadership throughout Eastern Europe
4.To model the vision of placing distance learning on all FLF-connected campuses in the future

Those invited to participate:
• All students under the influence of the seminary and meet the qualifications for admission.
• All non-enrolled persons who may find a course or training offered for their career specialty or enhancement

March 2015

Church Leader Training

Dr. Verlyn Bergen

To train church leaders in the basics of Church health, Conflict resolution, Preaching skills, Adult education, Women’s ministry.

Those invited to participate:
Pastors and other key church leaders in the Esquintla, Guatamala region.

This training was made possible, in part, by a gift from the Kingdom Endowment Fund, FBC, Brunswick, Georgia.

13-18 October, 2015

Transforming Leaders in Asia Pastoral Training
Arunachal Pradesh, India

Rex Rogers and Mark Hetrick

1.Encourage Christian workers who are called to fulfill the Great Commission
2.Teach them spiritual disciplines and godly virtues
3.Train them to become faithful expositors of the Word of God and effective Biblical counselors
4.Equip them with tools, training and resources that would enhance their ministry5.Empower them to serve churches, Christian organizations, society and the nations in Asia

Those invited to participate:
All pastors in the regional area as defined by Dr. A.K. Lama, director, Transforming Leaders in Asia, approximately 60 persons

7 November, 2015

Pastoral Leadership Training Seminar [via SKYPE]
Faisalabad, Pakistan

Dr. Neal Cordle, Pastor, Fruit Cove Baptist Church-St. John’s, Florida

To equip pastors and evangelists to understand their pastoral leadership role in the areas of preaching, praying, and church growth.

Those invited to participate:
Area Pastors and Evangelists


Macedonia Project

Greg Morrow

1.Match 20 evangelical churches with 20 new church plants in Ukraine by the year 2020
2.Support the church planter for 3-5 years while in seminary in Lviv
3.Invite American churches to partner with plants that are reaching the IDP population from eastern Ukraine
4.Link the American church to the church plant
a.Trips for VBS, sports camps, building rec center
b.Evangelistic concerts and other open-air venues
c.Encouragement to the mother church and church plant
d.Invite American pastors to coach and teach seminarians
5.Significant Pastor’s Retreat in September 2016 for Americans and Ukrainians.

Those invited to participate:
Any American church interested in helping a Ukrainian mother church plant a new church.