The Power of Prayer

Prayer changes things. Time after time the impossible has been accomplished because of the faithful work of the FLF prayer team. Prayer coverage for all aspects of a project is vital to success. Each week a prayer needs list is compiled and sent to FLF prayer team members.

In addition to specific needs on the weekly prayer list, we are always in need of prayer in these areas:
  • wisdom in planning and coordinating future projects
  • removal of obstacles that may hinder our work helping churches and their leaders in other countries
  • Prayer List
    June, 2014:
  • For the political crisis in Ukraine that affects Kingdom work in various ways. For the church planters in eastern Ukraine who have been threatened with their lives and the burning of their churches during this crisis time.
  • For the enlistment of first-time and freshmen leaders to the Global Leadership Summit for August. Pray that FLF might be led to the right leaders at the right time in June who can see great potential in national leaders and become partners with them.
  • For the creation of the Certificate of Ministry with Older Adults by The Baptist Home Foundation with a team of advisors so that coursework can begin this fall toward that certification.
  • For President of Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Yaroslav Pyzh, who travels to Missouri for planning and updates on the various FLF projects.
  • For the preparation work in Guatemala and El Salvador this summer related to a team from FLF and The Baptist Home to visit in November 2014.
  • For the ministry, Transforming Leaders in Asia, whose goal is to serve at least 5000 leaders in next ten years.
  • November, 2013:
  • For the new leadership unfolding in March 2014 in several countries in evangelical and Baptist
  • For the work of Dr. Jerry Cain, Advisory Board Member, into South Asia in April 2014 as he helps FLF discover where God might be leading us to invest in future leaders.
  • For new volunteers with a desire to help the Kingdom out of their giftedness.
  • For the church planters now and those entering the program in 2014 in the Macedonia Project
    associated with Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • For American pastors and churches to have an opportunity to coach others in a different cultural context.
  • For the partnership of The Baptist Home,, who works with FLF to provide educational opportunities to leaders such as Igor Miklyaev, administrator of the House of Mercy, Kobrin, Belarus, and Vasyl Typsuko, Associate Pastor to senior adults, Boryslav Baptist Church, Ukraine.
  • For FLF’s opportunity to enter a distance learning platform to expand teaching and training opportunities globally.
  • For the work of overseas seminaries where FLF educators have provided human, financial and material resources for student development.
  • For churches in New Zealand who were involved in strategic planning coaching as they seek to discover what God would have them do to carry out His mission.
  • For believers and leaders in the churches of the Republic of Georgia who are wanting help to teach children to praise God through music each week.
  • July, 2013:
  • Pray for the FLF Ukraine Macedonia Project. This September a team of pastors from American churches will join Ukraine Seminary in Lviv for a retreat with Ukrainian church planters. The goal of the Macedonia Project is 20 new church plants by 2020. We are at now at the 25% goal for this first retreat. These Ukrainian church planting pastors will also begin their academic journey at Ukraine Seminary.
  • Pray for the October 2013 Guatemala pastor training south of Guatemala City near the Pacific
    Ocean. A group of pastors and spouses, many of them church planters, will come together for a week of training. They indicate they have not been in a training event in the past five years. They are bringing spouses, joyful hearts, and a hungry soul for what God wants them to do in their young ministry lives.
  • Pray for the New Zealand pastors that came through strategic planning in April in Auckland. Coming from churches across the Auckland metro area, a region of 1.5 million people from many nationalities including Kiwis, nationals originally from New Zealand.
  • Pray for one of our strongest partners, Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis,, ranked in June 2013 third among large organizations in this year’s Saint Louis Post-Dispatch Top Workplaces section. MBU is the highest ranking higher education organization on the list. The scores were based on the employees themselves who work there.
  • Pray for the board of the Future Leadership Foundation as it searches for new members to replace those leaving current board work. It is a daunting task and, when taken seriously, requires much time and support to make this ministry work.
  • January 1-31, 2013:
  • Pray for Liza, daughter of Dima and Olya Malinouskaya, Minsk, Belarus, who this week for a second time in two months developed pneumonia in both lungs and was hospitalized. On 5 January, Olya reports, Liza is much better now. They’ve started different courses of physiotherapy and her lungs no longer produce that particular for pneumonia crackling sound. By far the best news is that she is in much better mood now, smiling, singing, playing… Thank you for lifting her up in your thoughts and prayers! Praise God!
  • Pray for the 14-member team from Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia MO is in Guatemala this week, 5 -12 January. training, dental clinics, food distribution, evangelistic work, and women’s conferences. Led by a FLF trainer and board member, Verlyn Bergen, this church has signed on twice with FLF to provide coaching from beginning to end in cooperation with the church’s mission team. For more information on how your church can participate in the FLF coaching process, email us at, or call toll-free 1.866.652.5150.
  • Pray also for a Churchnet Team to Guatemala 13-20 January. Giving leadership to that are Dr. Gary Snowden, associate pastor who gives leadership to global missions, fluent in Spanish, First Baptist Church, Lee’s Summit, MO , and Dr. Bill Miller, long-time pastor, FBC, Farmington, MO. Bill serves on the board of Churchnet as well as Missouri Baptist University, partner institution also with the Future Leadership Foundation.
  • Pray for a special request for Lin Pinter, missionary associated with Sanyati Baptist Hospital in Zimbabwe. She was in a motor vehicle wreck and broke her neck. Lin had surgery on 4 January. The surgeon is going to fuse C3 and C4 in her cervical spine.  We are asking for prayers that all would go well with the surgery, no complications, quick recovery, and wonderful outcome.  Pray for Lin to be at peace and rest well these days.
  • Pray for Vasil Typsuko, first Master’s level student at Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in senior adult ministry, Lviv, as he also lives out his calling as associate pastor, Boryslav Baptist Church, southwest of Lviv about 1 ½ hours. His focus is on senior adults and his latest report shares how he is expanding the ministry both to those who are receiving as well as those who are giving care. He is allowed to be a staff member and go to school full-time because of the support of The Baptist Home,
  • Pray for the board of the Future Leadership Foundation as it searches for new members to replace those leaving current board work. It is a daunting task and, when taken seriously, requires much time and support to make this ministry work.
  • Pray for the results of the training in advancement at the House of Mercy, Kobrin, Belarus. Early results are encouraging as the leadership invites individuals, churches and organizations to contribute food, vehicles, and personal care products for aging seniors, as well as funding to maintain and develop the facilities, wages, medicine, utilities and food.
  • December 16-31, 2012:
  • Pray for the Ukrainian evangelicals who are faced with potential new laws restricting religious freedom they have enjoyed for several years now. For more information, go to the website from the Religious Information of Ukraine. Some of the direction is reminiscent of the days of the former Soviet Union.
  • Pray for Minsk Seminary, who recently had over 80 students turn out for an orientation to the new Counseling track being launched at the seminary in 2013.
  • Pray for evangelical pastors in Western Guatemala as FLF offers them in 2013 the opportunity to be trained in a major event to which they have not been a part of previously because of the lack of human and financial resources. FLF is praying God will direct us clearly in January about that event.
  • Pray for pastors and churches being invited by FLF now to participate in a Ukrainian 20/20 Church Planting Initiative through 2020. The first trip is 21-29 June to meet Ukraine churches who will do the planting with their church planters. Is your church interested in being a mentoring church? Email FLF volunteer staff strategic planning leader, Greg Morrow, at
  • Pray that FLF may hear what God is saying about our participation in the large Moldovan worship event this coming spring, 18-21 April. The theme is Come Into His Presence Worship Conference 2013 to be held both in Chisinau and the Baltz regions. As usual, national leaders have requested this as a major evangelistic event for the spring. Over 250 participants who are also paying part of their way will join in this major event. You may contribute also to this by giving online through our website and the database.
  • December 1-15, 2012:
  • Pray for the Ukrainian Church Music Academy’s focus to develop further their strategic plan for 2015 and to implement those plans. Pray for the leadership who are just completing their American tour: Ivan Barzul, Bogdan Levchenko, Iakiv Kornuta, Volodymir Khlysta, Oleksandr Korchevny, Viktor Borshch, Danylo Shevchuk, and Oleksandr Kreshchuk.
  • Pray for Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia, MO, Chris Cooke, pastor, as they return to Guatemala to do additional medical work, feeding programs and establishing a church in the midst of the largest dump in Central America in Guatemala City. The local national leader for FLF is Carol Bercian and the FLF Team Leader will be an experienced contact in Guatemala, Verlyn Bergen, member of the board and one of the founding ministry leaders of the Future Leadership Foundations.
  • Pray for the work of the Future Leadership Foundation Board. Board meeting is Thursday, December 6, on which the 2013 plans and budget will be adopted. Some board members are rotating off December 31 while new ones are being invited in the weeks ahead to join. You may find the photos of the FLF board on this website. FLF trusts and believes in this great group of godly and visionary men and women and the
    confidence they place in the FLF Leadership Team.
  • Pray for Peteris Sprogis, leader of the Baptists of Latvia, and his wife who lost their four-year-old daughter Isabelle Hildegarde in late August when she lost her ability to breathe. Read Peter’s address to the National Latvian Prayer Breakfast on 2 November, regarding the journey in his loss of his daughter. View the 21 November post titled “My Thoughts 2 months after Leaving Bellini.”
  • Pray for the staff of the Future Leadership Foundation that God would give so many wonderful volunteers the wisdom, energy and insight into doing the priorities that God sends to us. May He also lead us to set aside those requests that do not fit our mission so that we may use all of our resources His hand gives us to honor this ministry.
  • Testimonials

    I often think about truths we discussed in leadership lessons in our recent training and try to use them in my service to the Lord and His people. Please pray for God’s vision for our church and others Lithuanian churches… We praise God for your coming with Future Leadership Foundation team and ministry to believers of God’s churches in Lithuania. We were refreshed and encouraged by God through you and others team members. May our Lord richly bless you and use you for His glory as you continue serve Him. Last seminar was so big help to our church. We prayed for at least one small group, but now we have already two. Please come again next year. Our churches need Future Leadership Foundation help so much.
    Arturas Narbutas, Pastor, God’s Grace Baptist Church – Kaunas, Lithuania

    I’m especially joyful and thankful upon hearing the testimony of fruit that God has provided through Pastor Arturas Narbutas’ emails telling how he had prayed for at least one small group and that his church, God’s Grace Baptist Church, Kaunas, Lithuania, had voted to begin and had already started two Adult small group Bible Studies.
    Emerson Swope, – Joplin, Missouri