Who we are

The Future Leadership Foundation (FLF) develops Christian leaders globally, collaborating with churches, ministry organizations and religious entities by addressing needs and goals that facilitate reaching people for Christ and equipping them for ministry.

FLF is unique in its focus on leadership training for all types of ministry leaders:

• Church leaders in other countries;

• Leaders working toward goals of all types, whether that’s evangelism, community service, church-planting, creating Sunday-school curriculum or another vision.

FLF tailors each project to the specific needs of the ministries we serve. The ministry states the vision and objectives of the project and FLF provides the expertise and training. All FLF team members have ministry and mission expertise and are selected based on how well their skills fit the needs of a particular mission. FLF treats each ministry just as it is – unique. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work.

With our philosophy of ministry, FLF:

    • • Serves as a ministry to help church leaders in other nations achieve their God-inspired goals.
      • Coaches leaders to identify and obtain resources, such as funding, training opportunities and partnering organizations.
      • Uses a partnership model.
      • Cooperates with national partners who set their own goals.
      • Works to remove barriers that prevent visions from becoming reality.

FLF has always been passionate about the training of leaders. The unwavering commitment of the board has always been: “leaders.”

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Our Values

Four passions that drive our vision:
    • The powerful Word of God is the basis of this entire ministry.
    • We seek partnerships that allow us to pool resources and energize the work.
    • We fully believe in the ability of local Christians to shape their own vision before God.
    • We find our direction in the II Timothy 2.2 principle which is coaching others in order for them to multiply other leaders.

Our history

Nov 2003 – Formation of FLF
Organized and filed with Secretary of State
April 2005 – First Projects
Two Leadership training projects conducted in Lithuania and Belarus
2005 – Expansion and Growth
Phil Hunt became board president; board was rebuilt, reorganized and expanded; Guatemala project first Church Coaching project
2016 – New Leadership
2016 September – Founder and CEO, Dr. Roger Hatfield, retired
2017, April – Dr. Greg Morrow was appointed as the new Executive Director

Our Services

Leadership Training

FLF custom builds leadership training to meet the specific needs of an organization from sunday school teachers to worship pastors, stewardship training to seminary education materials. FLF has a large network of experts that can provide any type of leadership training. Training materials and itineraries are created and customized based on the initiatives, vision and passion of the leaders. Learn More…