Macedonia Project

Macedonia Project in Ukraine, 2013-2020

Coordinator: Chris Cook


1.  Match 20 evangelical churches with 20 new church plants in Ukraine by the year 2020.

2.  Support the church planter for 3-5 years while in seminary in Lviv

3.  Invite American churches to partner with plants that are reaching the IDP population from eastern Ukraine

4.  Link the American church to the church plant through possibilities like trips for VBS, sports camps, building rec center; evangelistic concerts and other open-air venues; encouragement to the mother church and church plant and inviting American pastors to coach and teach seminarians.

Those invited to participate:
Any American church interested in helping a Ukrainian mother church plant a new church.

If you are interested in more information on the Macedonia Project or would like to visit about your congregation partnering with a Ukrainian Church Planter, contact Chris Cook via email.